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Pricing/Discount Policy

We are proud to service our customers with the best pricing we can.   Our valued and loyal customers understand,  that as a fully insured and incorporated business we abide by all regulations (even those that are not required in california but enforced in other states if we know it ensures and improves safety) , insurance  requirements and so on.   Only with this continued loyalty from our customers, we can continue providing our best service.
We will continue to be competitive, but that requires customers such as you to support our cause for safety and quality.  

Pricing Policy
All pricings are subject to change without notice. Pricing on rentals and accessories are just base pricing. Our pricing may change from time to time due to volume, event length,  demand, holidays, inventory and other scenarios.    We cannot guarantee any pricing that's was listed in the past on our site, fliers or brochures.   

Price Matching

We price match with our local competitors on select rentals.   This would again vary based on demand for a particular rental.    Plus we're a California incorported company and fully insured.   Many of our competitors don't have insurance or take any liability or enforce safety.     We provide our insurance info to customers, park authorities, companies anytime they ask us.     So we would ask our customers to take safety and health of their children into consideration before they get rentals.

Packages & Discounts
We offer special discounts on our rentals from time to time.   Discounts cannot be combined with our Rental Packages.  However on rare occasions if our rental packages might are higher than seasonal discounts we will still honor the lowest pricing between package pricing and seasonal discount pricing. 

Please note that we've a  minimum for rentals ranging from $100 to $200 that vary by distance/location.   Discounts only apply to rentals over $200 and after discounts you should still have a minimum total of $200 in rentals.


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