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PhotoBooth FAQS

How long does it take to setup?

We require a full 1 hour for setup without interruption.   Please make sure  the setup area is clear and pathways are clear of any obstruction and no interruptions during setup.  Otherwise it could delay your photobooth event.     If you think that you require more time or need us to arrive a bit early for setup, then please make sure you add idle hours (see next question on idle hours).  

What is idle hour?

Idle hour is when you require early setup for the photobooth , but cannot use until at a later time.   For e.g. if your photobooth event kicks off at 2pm and  your wedding reception starts at noon, you don't want our attendant beginning setting up at noon or 1pm and rushing through and interrupting your other arrangements and proceedings.    So you would request sufficient hour idle time if you think we cannot do any setup between 1pm to 2pm or between noon and 2pm.  As mentioned in the above setup question, we generally arrive an hour before the event.   So if you requested a 2 hour idle time and your photobooth event starts at 2pm, and your idle time is marked on your calendar at noon to 2pm, we would arrive around 11am to begin our setup and complete by noon.   Then remain idle until 2pm when your actual photobooth event begins.

How do I add idle hour to my package?

It's best to call us and let us know. So we can book it correctly.  

Do you have an attendant with the PhotoBooth? Can we have a photobooth without one?

Yes, we have one or more attendants to setup the booth and make sure it's operational throughout the event without issues and also directing your guests for best picture and fun.  Our booth setup is highly technical and it's not possible to assemble and/or operate the photobooth without an attendant.  It's all part of the package.  

Do you have Props ?  If so how many and what kind?
Yes, we have variety of props.   As we're also a online party supply company and we sell props,  we carry a lot more variety than most photobooth companies.   We select props based on your event (mix and match) and also put in some props very relevant to the event. 

Do you have black & white option ?

Yes, If you like us to include the Black & White and Color options on the touchscreen, let us know and  your guests can select before each session

Do you have Video option in your booth ?

Yes, If you like us to to include the Video Option on the touchscreen, let us know and  your guests can select before each session.  The Video option can allow your guests to record upto 15 secs of recording.   The recording clips will be available to you when your pictures and slideshow are available online for download.   This is usually available within 1-3 business days.

Do you have Open-Air?  Can we have PhotoBooth without the Enclosure?  Do we get charged extra?

Yes, every package has an option you can specify with/without enclosure.  There's no extra charge for it.   It's usually called Open-Air where the backdrop is setup in the open with a variety of background options to choose from including traditional black  or white.  

Can we have a Open-Air photobooth without backdrop? 
Yes, we can have no backdrop option , by just using a wall or natural outdoor scenary as the backdrop.   Check out our Photobooth Gallery and you can see some of them doesn't have a backdrop.

What is a greenscreen?

Greenscreen is when we literally use green background  where your guests will stand in front of a GreenScreen when the pictures are taken.   So when the photos are printed, the GreenScreen background now will be replaced by a custom digital background that you picked for your event.   For example,  let's say if you want all your photos to look as if it was taken on a beach in Hawaii, the greenscreen will make that happen.      If you've a choice of a digital background that you'd like to use you can provide us the digital picture file (jpeg or suitable image file).   Or we can give you some options based on your event theme.  For e.g if you hava a Kids birthday party which is based on a Batman Theme, we could do a greenscreen background with an image of Gotham City as the background for all your prints.  Remember:  Don't come to a greenscreen event, wearing all green.   You'll become invisible :-).

What kind of equipment do you use ?

We use state of the art Canon Professional Digital SLR Camera and High Quality Professional Dye-Sub Technology printer to get the best image and print qualities.    Our photo booth also  has multicolor lighting so we can match your event's theme as close as we can so it won't stand out from your event theme and blend in nicely.  Regardless of what photobooths setup we use, the camera and printers are always the same and high quality.  We don't use Ipad cameras or surface tablet cameras to take pictures.   They might look cute in setup, but your pictures when you print them enlarged or other purposes won't turn out good, including lighting, color etc., 

What is Social Media Uploading?

Currently we allow direct posts to Facebook from your event.   This requires a wi-fi/internet connection that you need to provide us.   Events can be posted to facebook timeline or to facebook event-specific photo album and such.   Without Wi-Fi we could post the entire event to your facebook album after event completion.

What is unlimited photos? Is unlimited photos same as unlimited prints?

Unlimited photos is that your guests can take as many pictures as they like for the duration of the event. This is included in all photobooth packages.    Unlimited prints are available only for certain packages, or you buy them additionally per event.  Unlimited prints is chosen when you want to make sure every single guest gets a printed copy.   So if you anticipate that there would be mostly more than 2 guests per session and they might not all belong to the same family and they might appreciate a copy for each one of them, then you buy our unlimited prints.

What is Overage Hours and 30 min increment ?

Photobooth is a fun thing, especially with us we've seen it's a lot more fun.  So your guests don't just take one picture for the sake of it.   Many guests go in and out of the photobooth multiple times and take many pictures.  Plus guests may not know you only booked for 2 hours and they might be eating , drinking or having other fun, until at the end they realize (when announced by your DJ)  there's only 15 mins left before the photobooth ends they all wait in line.     You don't want to tell your guests to get back to their seats.  Most cases we're very accommodating and we generally few mins early and end few minutes after the designated time and accommodate everyone's needs.   But in cases such as these we will notify you beforehand and will continue further in 30 min increments to extend the photobooth.    This scenario although doesn't happen often, it usually happens when you don't pick the right package or not being clear on your guest count.    So if you've 50 or less guests, then generally 2-3 hours would work.   But if you've over 100 or 200 guests, it's easy to run over esp, if you only booked the bare minimal hours and your guests are busy participating in other activities in your event.  Many corporate events rent 2 or more photobooths from us for a single event, if the guest is over 500. 

What is a Scrapbook or Memory Book ?

If you need to keep the memories in a hard scrapbook/memorybook and let the guests sign/write/paste them after each session,  you can add the scrapbook photo booth option to your booking.   We generally provide a neutral color scrapbook for your event.   If you've specifics or need a very custom one, you can let us know and we will try to find something that would fit you.    Otherwise you can purchase them yourself in one of the scrapbook locations with pens, glue etc., and bring them to the event yourself and provide the instructions to your guests.  

What's your cancellation and or date change policy?

Believe it or not, our photobooths get booked more than a year in advance (esp. for events such as weddings).    Losing a photobooth slot at the last moment is a huge loss for us because we generally have multiple requests for the same date and it's rare that photobooths are booked within few weeks of an event.    That's the reason generally good/popular photobooth companies require a minimum of 30 days notice for cancellations.   There might be other photobooth companies with shorter cancellation periods as they're not busy at all (Probably for a good reason).   Due to our populality, we sadly have to turn down many customers .  We try to keep up our quality by keeping limited booths and only quantities that we can manage a 100% providing full attention to our customers.  
We start your photobooth design/customization work long before your event.  Several days or weeks before your event, hours and hours of work goes into picking your theme, design, backdrop matching, customizing strips and graphics design and so on.   Various personnel work on your event to match your photobooth to your event theme.   Many of our personnel are paid in advance for these tasks. 
Any cancellations before the 30 day time period before the event will lose the deposit.   Entire rental amount is due for cancellations within 30 days of the event.

We will gladly accommodate date changes if there's availability.   Otherwise the date changes are treated as cancellations and above cancellation policy applies.



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